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For Hackers. By Hackers.
Hackers want easy access to the internet and an environment they love. They want food which allows them to be awake at night and helps code better and faster. The food at HackerCafe is low-carb, high on protein with right amount of Aspartic & Glutamic acid. It is the result of 3 years of research by the best nutritionists in the world.
What hackers think about HackerCafe
I always wanted a hacker friendly place with great food and fast internet. HackerCafe will solve all the problems and I can focus on my code now.
Andy M, Python Programmer
HackerCafe seems to be the next evolution of cafes in the world. I would love to spend all of my time there!
Alice Fowler, JavaScript Ninja
HackerCafe is where the next generation of startups will be born. It’s the perfect setup for technological disruption in the next decade.
Vik Pratt, Ruby Hacker, Serial Entrepreneur
There was a time when we used to work out of our garage. Now we will work from HackerCafe and get food, internet and everything we ever wished for. Can’t wait for it!
Viral Reacher, Database Engineer
About our Chefs
Anand Davis
Anand Davis has served as the head chef at Netscape Inc. where he has researched over several years on the best food and environment that makes hackers productive. He has brought all of that experience to HackerCafe now.
Nicolas Jaar
Nicolas Jaar has worked as head chef at various cafes all over the world. He has served the best food to hackers in different countires, specifically with a lot of experience in Russia. He knows what’s the absolute best for hackers and will provide that experience at HackerCafe now.
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